WeChat advertising never loses it strength in the face of the uprising platforms since WeChat’s launch in 2011. Powered by Tencent Holding, the super app is currently one of the world’s top 10 most valuable tech brands together with Google and Facebook in 2021.

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Detailed Brand Evaluation

Abiding by China’s internet laws, WeChat advertising may not be the right option for certain industries. Although LaeonGroup is familiar with the game of China digital marketing, a comprehensive audit of your company is insisted to smoothen the WeChat official account setup process.

WeChat Official Account Registration

WeChat offers Subscription account, Service account and Enterprise account and Mini-programs which make WeChat advertising look hard to handle from the beginning. LaeonGroup’s team will walk you through their specialties and set up the most suitable WeChat account for your brand.

WeChat Content in Localized Context

WeChat users spend 66 minutes on the app due to its wide variety of functions from messaging to payment programs. Our team creates the best-performing content around everyday topics in local culture and language arousing user attention at any time and place.

Leveraging KOL marketing in WeChat

WeChat KOLs are trusted in their specific niche, that lead to high ad reach and boost sales. Utilizing our self-developed KOL management platform, KOOLER AI, LaeonGroup gets your brand suitable KOLs including we-media and individual official accounts.

Precise WeChat Ad Delivery

WeChat paid advertising uniquely provides WeChat Moment, Official Account and Mini-program ads all around the app to help your brand reach the right audience. Don’t be overwhelmed as LaeonGroup opts for the best WeChat ad strategy for your marketing objective!

WeChat Performance Reporting

To optimize results, our experienced team monitors your brand’s WeChat account closely and adjusts ad strategies at the right time. We also generate analytical reports, e.g. on followers, content, and ads, so that you are well informed of our WeChat advertising performance.



WeChat Banner Ads

A popular banner with or without call-to-action appeared in a WeChat content


WeChat Mini-Programs Ad

Special formats like Mini-game (Video) and Pop-up Ads are offered within WeChat Mini App


WeChat Moment Ad

An in-feed ad, which can be image or video based, shown in users’ WeChat Moments


WeChat Subscription Ad

A variety of branded banner ads only displayed to the subscribed WeChat users


15+ Years Know-how for WeChat Advertising

Experienced in the China market for 15+ years, LaeonGroup knows the WeChat advertising hack well. Regardless of the extensive process, our team will handle of all the cumbersome parts and assure your brand with satisfying WeChat ad performance to drive sales growth.

Performance-Driven WeChat Ad Content

Simplified Chinese is the main language used on WeChat. Regardless of the strict keyword restriction by WeChat advertising, our Chinese creative team promises you with the up-to-date branded content in coordination with the target audience’s local city languages.

Local Chinese Office Support on WeChat

With our leading data intelligence, our local talents in China are capable of serving our WeChat advertising strategies to client across industries such as ecommerce, gaming, beauty and retail. Entering the potential China market is achievable with our digital experience.